The IBM Modellers are a group of researchers building and evaluating ecological Individual Based Models at the University of Reading and elsewhere. This website allows everyone to know who’s who and what is going on. All the models simulate the lives of individual animals in mapped landscapes. From the simulation emerge population characteristics such as population size and structure, and maps of who is where when. The current models and evaluation methods are:

Butterflies    –    Luke Evans, Drs Richard Walters, Tom Oliver, Pernille Thorbek, Ian, Richard Sibly


Atlantic mackerel    –    Rob Boyd, Drs Shovonal Roy, Kieran Hyder, Robert Thorpe,  Richard Sibly


Elephants    –    Vicky Boult, Profs Phyllis Lee, Richard Sibly


Cockles    –    Dr Elske van der Vaart, Richard Sibly


Earthworms    –    Dr Alice Johnston


Daphnia magna    –    Dr Alice Johnston, Andre Gergs, Thomas Preuss, Elske van der Vaart, Richard Sibly



Evaluation of models by Approximate Bayesian Computation, ABC, using methods developed by Drs Elske van der Vaart, Profs Mark Beaumont and Richard Sibly and Dr Dennis Prangle