Alice Johnston

Alice completed her undergraduate degree in Environmental Sciences at Newcastle University before joining Richard Sibly at the University of Reading in 2010 for her PhD. The main focus of Alice’s PhD was the application of ecological models to investigate the effects of pesticides on field populations of earthworms. During the project, Richard and Alice worked together to formulate an alternative energy budget model for earthworms, outlined in Sibly et al.’s (2013) Methods in Ecology and Evolution paper; and validated the approach for different earthworm species in laboratory and field studies.

Since completing her PhD, Alice worked for a short time as a consultant Ecological Modeller, applying the models she developed during her PhD to real-world pesticide risk assessment scenarios. This was followed by a post-doctoral research project in collaboration with Bayer CropScience which aimed to compare the novel energy budget model to Dynamic Energy Budget (DEB) theory for Daphnia magna. Alice recently started work on a 3 year NERC Soil Security research fellowship, entitled ‘Forecasting land management and extreme weather effects on earthworm populations, soil function and ecosystem services’, in which the earthworm energy budget IBMs will be developed to link earthworm activity to soil functions and ecosystem services, to provide forecasts of land management and climate change effects on soil security.